Why Chiropractic for Dogs?

Why might your dog need chiropractic care?

For the same reasons that many of us humans need chiropractic care!

Sometimes we can see a loss of function in our dog’s physical performance. This is more important in our pets than is in us. A dog’s ability to get around and participate in family activities determines not only quality of life, but often longevity. I have seen numerous dogs of various ages, re-invigorated and able to get back out for family activities with the help of chiropractic adjustments.

Many things cause physical problems that we don’t even notice in our animals. Consider collars, especially in dogs and puppies who pull, think of the playfulness of puppies, and the roughness of older animals at play. Think about the distances that your dog leaps when chasing a ball, playing, or jumping out of the car.  We ask our performance dogs to do a lot in obedience trials, conformation showing, and agility training. Our dogs can also have clear injuries from a fall, a collision, a mis-step, or a hereditary condition like hip dysplasia. There are endless reasons to keep our pets healthy with chiropractic care.

Above all else, our pets experience our stresses as well. They may hold tension in their body as a result of stress in the household, stress from an illness, and of course from their physical environment.

How do dogs respond to chiropractic care?

They often respond faster than humans!  Their bodies and brains are created primarily for motion, so when motion is restored, they USE IT!  Compare that to humans who go back to our cars, and our desks, and our sedentary lifestyle. Our human brains have more space dedicated to critical thinking and emotional depth than to movement (PLEASE NOTE dear people, movement does fuel those parts of our brain! Movement IS still essential to us). Our dogs stretch, yawn, and take big deep breaths whenever it feels good to do so, not only when it’s socially acceptable.  They also don’t worry about tomorrow, stress about yesterday, or consider giving anything but love.  The dogs that I see are also very well cared for and get better exercise, water, and love than most of my human patients.  In short, they are primed for healing with chiropractic care and require far less than humans do to see incredible gains!

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