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This area is for sharing. Sharing my passion for chiropractic, health, and learning.

As I work on updating this website from purely animals, to encompassing all species I take care of (yes, this includes you!) you’ll find Things I love and my Blog here. I’ll be sharing what I talk about with my patients. And sharing those resources with you. This is a spot my patients can come to get a copy of something I’ve discussed as well as a place you can be inspired to make some changes. I look forward to your questions and interaction! Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget the link to my Facebook page.  You do not need to have an account to check it out for office info and updates. I am SLOWLY working on a YouTube channel where I’ll  build a library of useful videos for you! (Its a work in progress!)  And last, but not least, connect with me on Twitter. Most of all, I look forward to seeing you in person!