Animal Hair – Who Are You Wearing?

Recently a patient came into my human office and apologized for the cat hair all over her pants.  This happens often with cat, dog, or horse hair throughout my day as a chiropractor.  And I do have to say, it’s funny the places that your little roller just won’t find – I see lots of hair across the back of patient’s pants or shirts!  In this case, for this patient,  I asked her to please not apologize, I consider it a badge of honour!

Yes, I know, an over-abundance of hair on your clothes (such as I have after adjusting animals for a few hours) is no fashion statement, but a few scattered hairs means so much!  To me, it means that you are loved beyond measure!

Consider the wedding rings we proudly wear.  To me, it always means that someone loves you.  To someone you mean the world.  And we wear it proudly.  What about all of the logos and name brands that mean so much in our consumer society?  So, why not wear our animal’s hair with pride and a smile?  It might not have bling, but it means that to someone you ARE their world!  I think it’s a priviledge to have someone who won’t let you get out the door in your black pants without one last rub.  Who doesn’t care that you have just perfected your look for an evening out, one last snuggle means more!  Once again, our animals are reminding us of what is most important in this world… one last scratch behind the ear on the way out the door.  Our last little love pat.  Maybe we can rethink our idea of having a few hairs here and there?

When the glamorous stars walk down the red carpet at this time of year, everyone asks, “who are you wearing?”  My answer would proudly be: “Golden Retriever!”  So, I ask you, “Who are you proudly wearing throughout your day?”

_C7E0365This picture is from our wedding day and our Golden Retriever, Jasper, was part of the wedding party.   Our friends and family must know us, since not a soul used these lint (aka hair) removal brushes!