Your animal’s first visit

Please read the following to have the best experience for you and your dog.

Small Animals: Prior to your arrival, please print off the animal first visit forms.  This helps you to be able to focus on your dog and make them comfortable on their first visit while I quickly get up to speed and focus on you and your dog as well.  Please avoid giving your dog a full meal or large drink right before arriving, particularly on the first visit.  Most dogs get quite excited for their visits to the chiropractor and full tummies don’t do well when excited! It is also helpful to encourage your dog to do their business prior to coming in. And most importantly, please arrive with your dog properly leashed and under control, you never know when you might meet another dog either coming or going.

As I see animals by appointment, I will ensure you have directions to my office when we book the first visit.

Large Animals: ** Sorry, I am not currently taking NEW Equine patients.** For large animals, of course I go to the barn or the farm.  I do ask that you print out and fill in the first visit paperwork prior to my arrival, and for each animal that I am to see.  This allows us to get right to work with the animal and for me to have their information at my fingertips.  If you could have them ready for me, instead of having to run out into the field to get them that is greatly appreciated!