dr-pip-doggy-treatTestimonials from warm hearts and cold noses…

“I have a 7yr. old Bichon ,KC . One day KC tried to jump up on a chair and fell back on the floor crying with pain. He could not wag his tail and could not walk without crying out. We heard about Dr.Pip and booked an app with her. She found that his hips and back were out of joint. After 2-3 treatments our KC was acting like a puppy again.  KC  loves to see her when we go for the next treatment . Thank you Dr. Pip for your special care….”

~ Joyce Stubbings & KC (Bichon), Stratford, ON

“Our school horses have to be healthy and happy in order to give our students the best possible experience.   Our horses do not have to tolerate sore backs they are adjusted.  Thanks for looking after our horses so well.”

~ Ellen Redden, Owner/Operator Thistledown Equestrian Centre, Stratford, ON

“Dr. Pip has been doing Chiropractic care on my dogs and horses for the last 5 months.  The animals responded extremely well to her treatments and I’m always impressed with her knowledge, compassion and gentle nature.  I would highly recommend Dr. Pip to anyone for their large and small animal chiropractic needs!”

~ Lisa Wesson canine and equine caregiver, Stratford, ON

“Jazz, my 15 year old quarter horse, began her career as a barrel racer.  Now she is for pleasure, trail riding and also has begun jumping and flat classes.  She has an overdeveloped shoulder (which made saddle fitting a challenge) and has always had a noticeable difference in gaiting from one lead to another.  Bending for certain dressage moves also showed differences in flexibility from one side to another.  Jazz was also demonstrating some stiffness in her right hind end when jumping.

From the very first assessment, Jazz was totally comfortable with Dr. Penrose, even though she had not had any such chiropractic treatments in the past.  Dr. Penrose has a great sense of animal connection and her verbal and physical techniques were conducive to Jazz being totally trusting of examinations and treatments.  Even if a sore area was noted by Jazz (through moving away or pinning her ears), she was always receptive to Dr. Penrose pausing and then continuing with the treatment.

As a result of her treatments with Dr. Penrose, Jazz is now much more flexible in her neck and has a smoother gait.  She transitions more smoothly now from one lead to another.  And as a proud horse owner, I am happy to say she won Grand Reserve Champion in her very first show.

Dr. Penrose’s chiropractic care had a huge benefit on Jazz’s overall movement and flexibility.  She was patient and caring, never pushing Jazz’s limits, but rather working with her and customizing a treatment plan that worked for Jazz and myself.  For all of my animals, I believe that it isn’t just about finding someone with the knowledge and expertise, however that person also has to be able to understand the animal as well.”

Heather deJong & Jazz (Quarter Horse), Paris, ON

“When I brought my boxer Timber to Pip for chiropractic treatment he had little to no muscle mass.  My husband had taken him to the dog park and as he was running along the fence another dog came out of nowhereand nailed him. He could not use his back leg at all for about three weeks.  I took Timber for chiropractic and he ended up having more mobility andstarted to gain muscle back. It has been almost ten months since his injury and he is doing absolutely wonderful.  Pipwas compassionate and caring.  Timber gave her lots of licks.  I know that Timber is doing so well today because Pip was there for us. THANK YOU PIP LOVE LAURA AND TIMBIT.”

~ Laura Fradgley and Timbit (boxer), Woodstock, ON

“When our 5 year old mini dachshund Oscar sustained an injury to his back and left hip area (well, I stepped on him by accident), I placed a frantic call to Dr. Pip Penrose.  Even though she was on her way out of town to begin her honeymoon, she took the time to make a house call to check on Oscar and give him a chiropractic adjustment.  At our follow up visits, Dr. Pip was always very thorough and gentle with Oscar, explaining what she was doing as she adjusted him.  Oscar responded very well to his chiropractic adjustments and is as good as new!!  Just like people, our pets live through their nervous systems and it is very important to make sure that their spines are aligned, as this will ensure a happy, healthy pet!!”

~ Sue Hartfiel & Oscar (mini dachshund), Stratford, ON

“Spring time was fast approaching and in our house that means allergy season for Finley our Boston Terrier.  We’ve tried a few different treatments in the past, with varying results, so when we heard about Dr. Pip Penrose I thought, why not, anything we could do to give some relief to Finley’s itching!

There’s been definite improvement in his allergies and even in how he walks. We never noticed how stiff and rigid Finley walked until Dr. Pip started working with him. In the past Finley wouldn’t sit too long to let you pet him but now he loves to stretch right out and just suck up the love!

With Dr. Pip’s passion for chiropractic and genuine love of animals it’s obvious why Finley loves and can’t wait to see her! We’re pretty lucky to have Dr. Pip in our lives. =)”

~ Jessica DeWys & Finley (Boston Terrier), Stratford, ON

“ Sneakers suffered a repeat disc injury at the end of May 2012 that left him quite debilitated and unable to walk at all, this time with nerve damage to his right hind leg and inability to raise his tail. Not wanting to use steroids again due to their side effects and not being able to afford surgery, I was able to find help through chiropractic care and Dr. Pip Penrose in Stratford came highly recommended. As any form of lifting, no matter how carefully done, caused Sneakers incredible pain, we carried him into the office in his bed. Dr. Pip was so kind and gentle with Sneakers, and after taking his history and looking at the x-rays, she began her magic on him!  I watched as her hands gently assessed his spine and made small adjustments, all the while calming him with her words and describing to me what she was doing. You could see a change in Sneaker’s eyes as the pain slowly dissolved and his anxiety lessened. After about a half an hour, we put him on the floor, and he walked for the first time without pain, albeit a bit wobbly from the nerve damage. He actually walked out to the car and we were all teared up because of such a drastic improvement and how successful chiropractic care can be, even with such an acute injury. The relief he got was both immediate and lasting. He had one more treatment the following week, which gave him even greater improvement, and then it was three more weeks before the next treatment. During that time, he had regained nearly 100% use of his right hind leg and could go up and down the stairs outside on his own. Dr. Pip could hardly recognize him as being the same dog who could barely walk only 4 weeks prior. Sneakers remains totally pain free and comfortable, and wants to play like a puppy again. He will continue to receive follow-up maintenance adjustments to keep him on track and hopefully avoid any future major injuries. Chiropractic treatment is not just for humans. I have seen first-hand just what a huge difference chiropractic treatment can make in an animal’s life, and as our friends and companions, they deserve the very best! Thank-you Dr. Pip for your wisdom, your education, and your gift of healing touch to all you care for, both human and animal!”

~ Debora Moggach and Sneakers (Beagle), Woodstock, ON